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With over 170 years as of today Azpydaysh Portland Cement, concrete experts are now looking for ways to achieve worthwhile material Karbrdayn are under special conditions. Ajza’tshkyl analysis provides the basis for a piece of prefabricated concrete structures Espadana clearly shows produced by concrete, steel reinforcement, spacer and celebrating (the hook carrier) and a piece of prefabricated concrete construction Mvadafzvdny main components are Bshmarmy. Our experts Brpayayy Vmsalh durability of concrete forming on the concrete and reinforcement used Drqtat curiously and expertise to engage in the analysis. Construction company founded Espadana years ago this valley to the design and production of prefabricated concrete parts and is performing in line since 1390 to achieve this important production of prefabricated concrete parts of this company began its activity.

Various projects in different areas of the country during the years of foundation structures using prefabricated concrete parts have been exploited. Parts of the executive power in this area, please consider:

Production capacity of 60.000 square meters building foundation wall concrete or in other words, is 200,000 square meters in the building. That can be set in various industrial applications, residential, educational, office or healthcare etc..

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